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Monthly Home Care Contracts Starting at $325*

Residential Property Care

We've got all your needs covered: monitoring your home while you are away and everything in between. Let us know what is most important to you. Contract Mountain Property Care to be your personal caretaker and Heather will walk your property as often as you choose, at a minimum of every other week. You and I will design the ideal home care contract to meet all of your caretaking needs.

When you contract with MPC, you always have regular home inspections and security checks, and seasonal preventative maintenance. In addition to caretaking, you can add as much or as little concierge, errands servives and housekeeping as you wish to guarantee your peace of mind.


 Home inspections include, but not limited to:


  •       Visits to your home to ensure it is secure inside & out
  •       Checking of all doors, windows and locks
  •       Checking for leaks or rodants
  •       Removal of mail, newspapers and any accumulated debris
  •       Interior check of all rooms, kitchen, appliances and contents
  •       Water ran in all traps, toilets flushed, dishwasher and washing machine ran
  •       Air conditioning and heating unit turned on to confirm functioning properly
  •       Visual inspection of pool, spa and yard.
  •       Check smoke detectors
  •       Summer: water plants
  •       Winter: Shovel decks & sidewalks* (depends on amount of decks & amount of walk way)
  •       Check HVAC. ​
  •       Start vehicles to ensure battery strength.
  •       Remove trash


Additional Property Care Services***

  • Housekeeping – Standard: $35 per hour
  • Housekeeping – Back-to-Back Arrival : $50 per hour
  • Maintenance: $65 per hour
  • Contractor overseeing (Including plumbing, electrical, landscaping): 15% of Contracted Labor Project Fee
  • After Hours Emergency Services: $72 per hour
  • Airport Transportation: Car delivered and collected from Steamboat/Hayden Airport (HDN):  $120 per trip
  • Errands (parcel, dry cleaning pick-up etc.): $30 per hour
  • Concierge Services – Booking Restaurants and Activities: $30 per hour
  • Manual Labor and Lawn Care: $40 per hour
  • Winter: Shovel decks & sidewalks* $40 per hour  *Snowblower rental: $50
  • Grocery shopping- $25 delivery plus 30% of grocery receipt

*** You must be under a home care contract with Mountain Property Care to have any additional services***




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